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There’s also live online events, interactive content, certification prep materials, and more. Photoshop Elements lets you do practically anything you want to your digital images. This chapter helps get you oriented in Elements. This is where you register Elements and sign up for your free Photoshop. Pc ringan game gratis explains how. Organize button. This starts the Organizer, which lets you store and organize your image files. Edit button. Click this for the Editor, which lets you modify your images.

But in some ways, they function as two separate programs. This book adobe photoshop elements 8 manual free Photoshop Elements 8. You can also check the Windows Start menu: Elements is listed along with its version number.

You can use this book if you have an earlier version of Elements because a lot of the basic editing procedures are the same. There are Missing Manuals for Adobe photoshop elements 8 manual free 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, too, and you may prefer to track down the right book for your version of Elements.

The Organizer button just takes a click, but the Editor button includes a drop-down посмотреть еще where you choose the editing mode you want. You can also just click the Editor or the Organizer icon in the Windows taskbar to switch from one to the other. Adobe built Elements around the assumption that adobe photoshop elements 8 manual free people work on their photos in the following way: First, you bring photos into the Organizer to sort and keep track of them.

The Welcome screen can also serve as your connecting point for signing onto www. The Organizer has one control for the overall window and its menus [User Interface] and a separate one for the background around your photo thumbnails [Grid]. The Editor and Organizer adjustments are independent, so you can have each at a different brightness level if you like.

After you create your Photoshop. The Organizer stores and catalogs your photos, and you automatically come back to it for any activities that involve sharing your instagram desktop windows 10, like printing a photo package Picture Package or making a slideshow Slideshows.

In previous versions of Elements it was called the Photo Browserso you may продолжение здесь that term, too. To directly launch the Editor or the Organizer, you just need to create a desktop shortcut. Right-click it, and then choose Create Shortcut. Windows adds a adobe photoshop elements 8 manual free shortcut to the component of your choice, right on the desktop. In the future, double-click the shortcut to launch your preferred part of Elements. You can make shortcuts for both the Editor and the Organizer if you like.

In early versions of Elements, the Downloader ran constantly as a adobe photoshop elements 8 manual free program whether Elements was running or notracing to be first on the scene whenever it detected any newly connected device that might have photos on it, and popping up its own window before the standard Windows dialog box could appear.

For a few people, this was mighty convenient. If you have an iPod, for instance, then you на этой странице how aggravating this was. Now the Downloader appears as only one of your options in the regular Windows dialog box that you see when you connect a device. If you want to use the Downloader, then just choose it from the list.

Windows automatically creates a shortcut to Elements on your desktop once you install the program. If you need help installing Elements, turn to Appendix C. Adobe photoshop elements 8 manual free can also go to the Start menu, and then click the Adobe Photoshop Elements 8. You can adobe photoshop elements 8 manual free more about the Downloader in Chapter 2. If you plan to use the Organizer to catalog photos and assign keywords to them, then reading the section on the Downloader can help you avoid hair-pulling moments.

Adobe also gives you easy access to its Photoshop. With a Photoshop. Create your own website. You can make beautiful online albums that display your photos in elaborate slideshows—all accessible via your own Photoshop. Great for dazzling friends and family. They can even download your photos or order prints, if you choose to let them see Online Albums.

Automatically back up and sync your photos. Frequent worriers and travelers, prepare to be amazed. You can перейти на страницу Elements to sync your PC-based photos to storage space on Photoshop.

See Adobe photoshop elements 8 manual free Up Your Files for more about how to use this nifty feature. Access your photos from other computers. Download lots of extra goodies. The Content panel The Content Panel displays thumbnails for additional backgrounds, frames, graphics, and so on, that you can download right from Photoshop. Get lots of great free advice.

Call up the Photoshop Inspiration Browser The Inspiration Browserand you can choose from a whole range of helpful tutorials for all sorts of Elements tasks and projects. The bad news is that these Photoshop. Adobe says it plans to expand this offering worldwide. See Activation for more about the regional differences. This also registers Elements. In the window that opens, fill in your information to create your Adobe ID.

When you click Create Account, you get a message if the web address you chose is already in use. Finally, for security purposes, you need to enter the text you see in a box on the sign-up screen. Click the Create Account button. Adobe tells you if it finds any errors in what you submitted and gives you a chance to go back and fix them. You need adobe photoshop elements 8 manual free click the link within 24 hours of creating your account, or you may have to start the whole process adobe photoshop elements 8 manual free.

Once you have an account, you can get to it by clicking Sign In at the top of the Editor or Organizer. You can also look at the bottom of the Welcome screen больше информации see how much free space you have left, as shown in Figure A free Photoshop. You can also upgrade to a paid account called Pluswhich gives you more of everything: more template designs for Online Albums, more downloads from the Content panel, more tutorials, and more storage space: 20— GB depending on what level membership you choose.

Once you sign into your account, Elements logs you in automatically every time you launch the program. The Editor is the other main component of Elements Figure This is the fun part of the program, where you get to edit, adjust, transform, and generally glamorize your photos, and where you can create original artwork from scratch with the drawing tools and shapes. You can operate the Editor in any of three different modes:. Full Смотрите подробнее. Most of the Quick Fix commands are also ссылка на страницу via menus in the Full Edit window.

По этому сообщению Fix. For many beginners, Quick Fix Figure ends up being their main workspace. Guided Edit, described below, is the other. Chapter 4 gives you all the details on using Quick Fix. Guided Edit. It provides step-by-step walkthroughs for popular projects such as cropping your photos and removing blemishes from them.

Like Quick Fix, Guided Edit offers a before-and-after view of your photo as you work on it see Getting Help and also offers some advanced features, like the Actions Player Using Actions. To get rid of the lock and free up your image for Organizer projects, go back to the Editor and close the photo there. When you first open the Editor, you may be dismayed at how cluttered it looks. You can leave everything the way it is if you adobe photoshop elements 8 manual free a cozy area with everything at hand.

Or if you want a Zen-like empty workspace with nothing visible but your windows 1.0 download iso free, you can move, hide, and turn off almost everything. Figure shows two /8498.txt views of the same workspace. To do that, just press the Tab key; to bring everything back into view, press Tab again.

To expand it again, click the top bar once more. To bring it back, click Reset Panels at the top of your screen, which resets all your panels, not just the bin. You can also combine panels with each other, as shown in Figure ; this works with both panels in the bin and freestanding panels. When you launch Elements for the first time, the Panel bin contains only two adobe photoshop elements 8 manual free Layers and Effects.

In addition to combining panels as shown in Figure you can also collapse the Panel bin or any group of panels into icons. Then, to use a panel, click its icon and it jumps out to the side of the group, full size.

To shrink it back to an icon, click its icon again. You can combine panels here by dragging their icons onto each other. Then those panels open as a combined group, like the panels in Figure Clicking one of the icons in the group collapses the opened, grouped adobe photoshop elements 8 manual free back to icons. You can also separate combined panels in icon view by dragging the icons away from each other.

In the Editor, the long narrow photo tray at the bottom of your screen is called the Project bin. It shows you what photos you have open, as explained in Figurebut it does a lot more than that.



Photoshop Elements 8 for Windows: The Missing Manual: Brundage, Barbara: : Books.

Note: You can log in with your Adobe ID to access free online benefits. You can also access Photoshop Elements 8 and. Adobe Premiere Elements 8 Plus. Photoshop Elements 8 for Windows: The Missing Manual [Brundage, Barbara] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Photoshop Elements 8 for. Most are free; some cost a few dollars. • Hidden Elements (). Richard Lynch has been creating wonderful add-on tools for Elements.


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Use this guide to know how Photoshop Elements can help you create, edit, organize and share images using creative features and more. Photoshop Elements manual (PDF). bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows 8, or Windows • 4GB of RAM.